Cyber Law

May 24, 2017

The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented rise in the incidence of cyber-crime. A survey conducted by Ipsos Mori in April 2017 showed that 46% of all UK businesses had experienced at least one cyber security breach or attack in the previous 12 months, with an average cost to a large firm of nearly £20,000 per breach. The global ransomware attack in May 2017, which hit 47 NHS Trusts, has served as an acute reminder of the potential scale of cyber-attacks.

The law, however, is currently in an embryonic stage, with no reported civil case yet dealing with the complex legal and regulatory consequences flowing from a cyber security breach. Given the scale of the issue already identified, we expect this to change in the near future.

Barristers at Hailsham Chambers have many years of experience in dealing with technology matters, including claims arising out of IT contracts and ownership of rights of domain names. Members of chambers are also very familiar with data protection law and their extensive experience in dealing with regulatory matters, professional negligence and professional indemnity insurance gives them particular aptitude to advise on the myriad issues which may ensue from a data security breach.

In February 2017, Hailsham provided a talk to its insurer clients in conjunction with Caytons Law, entitled ‘Cyber Liability: What Professionals and Their Insurers Need to Know’.