Dr Tejina Mangat

Call: 1990

Before being called to the Bar, Tejina worked as a junior doctor in Accident and Emergency medicine. She has extensive experience in all areas of clinical negligence and in high value claims. She has been a member of the editorial panel of Facts and Figures, Tables for the Calculation of Damages, since the first edition in 1996. She was Clinical Negligence Junior of the Year in the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2019.

Tejina specialises in clinical negligence. She is ranked by The Legal 500 and Chambers UK as a leading junior in clinical negligence. She acts mainly for claimants and her practice spans the full range of clinical specialisms, though with particular focus on injures of maximum severity, including obstetric and neonatal brain and other neurological injury.

Tejina was named Clinical Negligence Junior of the Year at the Chambers Bar Awards in 2019 and Chambers UK, 2020 describes her as “phenomenally intelligent, very switched on and has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and the law.”

Tejina recently acted against Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for a claimant who sustained a brain injury due to alleged negligence.

Recent settlements (2020)

‘A’ v King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  Obstetric brain injury.

‘B v Dr C’  March 2020. Developmental dysplasia of the hip.

'D' v Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. Obstetric brain injury.

‘E’ v Aneurin Bevan University Local Health Board. Brain injury from drug overdose.

‘F’ v Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board. Brain injury from encephalitis.

’G’ v Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board

‘H’ v Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board. Brain injury from abscess.

‘I’ v Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Obstetric brachial plexus injury.

‘J’ v Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust.  Cancer.

‘K’ v St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Anaesthetic brain injury.

"Her medical background gives her an added layer of expertise. All clients who work with Tejina know that they are in the hands of an enormously clever and experienced lawyer." Chambers UK, 2023

"Tejina leaves no stone unturned. She has a phenomenal capacity for work." Chambers UK, 2023

"Her advice is always very well considered and reassuring." Chambers UK, 2023

"Tejina has no weaknesses. She is simply one of the best clinical negligence barristers currently working." Legal 500, 2023

“Tejina is methodical, analytical and brings a wealth of experience with her. She handles experts and clients well.” “She’s really fantastic in major cases, is phenomenally bright and knows the medicine incredibly well.” Chambers UK, 2022

“Tejina is phenomenally bright and has been of enormous benefit to my clients in her formidable ability to get to the nub of the medical issues and to explain even complex situations in a way that is meaningful to the client.” Legal 500, 2021

“One of the best clinical negligence juniors around. Her attention to detail and sheer capacity for hard work, especially in relation to quantum issues, is unrivalled.” Chambers UK, 2021

“She’s phenomenally intelligent, very switched on and has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and the law.” Chambers UK, 2020

“Her attention to detail is second to none and her work rate is astonishing.” Chambers UK, 2020

“She is the master of all detail and everything to do with quantum” Legal 500, 2020 

“She knows the law and knows the medicine. A joy to work with” “Extremely knowledgeable” Chambers UK, 2019

“Brilliantly brainy” Chambers UK, 2019 

“The hardest working junior, attention to detail is second to none, can get to grips with the most complex medical issues, first rate” Legal 500, 2019 

“Her pleadings are superb and her analysis of medical records is brilliant.  She is very careful and committed.  An outstanding junior will a brain the size of a planet.  She is meticulous and hard-working” Chambers UK, 2018

“Excellent attention to detail and medical knowledge” Legal 500, 2017

“Outstanding in terms of her technical detail, she is meticulous and knowledgeable.” “Her attention to detail and sheer capacity for hard work is unrivalled.” Chambers UK, 2017

“She is very experienced, empathetic and builds a good rapport with clients.” Legal 500, 2016

“She is phenomenally intelligent and she can cut through a complex case like a knife through butter.” “She’s meticulous in her assessment of the evidence. Her medical knowledge means that she is in a better position than others to probe experts.” Chambers UK, 2016

"The most hardworking junior; she is meticulous in preparation and has every
fact at her fingertips." Legal 500, 2015

“Very impressive indeed on the higher-value cases. Her eye for detail is second to none and the quality of her pleadings and advocacy is there for all to see. She combines exceptional legal know-how with medical knowledge, which really gives her the edge.” Chambers UK, 2015

“The first choice for the most complex clinical negligence cases.” Legal 500, 2014

“A leading junior barrister and former doctor who has extensive medical expertise and draws widespread endorsements for her clinical negligence work.” Chambers UK, 2014

“‘Excellent on medical evidence and quantum. [Tejina] sets very high standards in terms of paperwork and timeframes, and is also ‘phenomenally diligent’. ‘Her judgement is that of a very experienced silk, even though she’s only a junior’.” Chambers UK, 2014

Education: BSc (cl 1) University College London. MBBS St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London.

Committees: Member of the editorial panel for Facts and Figures. Tables for the Calculation of Damages. PNBA from 1996. Former committee member of Professional Negligence Bar Association.

ICO Data protection registration number: Z5326057

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