LMN (A Protected Party) and OPQ v DAS


We are pleased to report that Dominic Nolan KC and Clare Elliott, instructed by Bruce Williams and Charlotte Cadman of Nelsons Solicitors, acted for the successful Australian claimants (one of whom was a protected party) who had each suffered very severe injury as a consequence of a road accident occurring in England. The claims were, factually and legally, extremely complex, and involved over 30 experts. Dominic and Clare were also assisted by Kate Henderson of BPC Lawyers, solicitors of Sydney, who provided expert assistance on matters of Australian law and practice in high value claims in the relevant state in Australia.

The legal representatives from both sides travelled to Australia in April 2023 to conduct a joint settlement meeting over the course of a week. Both cases concluded in very high value settlements.

The settlement for the protected party (with an approximate sterling equivalent of £24 million) has since been approved by the High Court in England and Wales, which now brings the matters to a close.