We are currently accepting applications for a third six pupil, commencing September or October 2018. More information can be viewed here.

Please note that the Pupillage Gateway has now closed and we cannot accept any more applications this year. Good luck to everybody who applied for pupillage.

This year applications were only accepted through the Pupillage Gateway. The successful candidate will be a motivated, ambitious candidate who is a persuasive communicator, intellectually able, hardworking and able to get on with clients, colleagues and judges. We offer pupils a £45,000 award plus £5,000 guaranteed earnings. You will be able to keep anything you earn on top of the £5,000 guaranteed earnings. You can draw down up to £10,000 of your award during the BPTC year. We offer excellent training and prospects, and aim to invite successful pupils to become tenants.

We are passionate about encouraging applications from a diverse pool of candidates. If you are disabled, please feel free to contact us to discuss any reasonable accommodation that we might be able to make in order to facilitate your application. Hailsham Chambers adheres to and supports the Bar Council’s policies on equal opportunity and non-discrimination.


The Pupillage Gateway has now closed and we cannot accept any more applications. Good luck to everybody who applied for pupillage this year. Please check out our full application page for further details.


Pupils will be formally appraised by their pupil supervisor after each 3 month period. At intervals not exceeding 4 months the chair of the pupillage committee will review each pupil’s performance based on set criteria and in discussion with the pupil and the pupil supervisor. Pupils will undertake at least three in-house advocacy exercises which will be assessed.

Equality and Diversity

Chambers adheres to and supports the Equality and Diversity provisions of the Code of Conduct. Chambers has an Equality and Diversity Policy which will be provided to all pupils at the beginning of pupillage.

Chambers is prepared to make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils.

For more information about pupillages at Hailsham Chambers, please read  Chambers’ Pupillage Policy or contact either the secretary, or the heads of the Pupillage Committee.

Please be aware that when you make any application we may store your personal information. Please click here to see what we do with such information and why.



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