Hailsham Chambers offers two 12 month pupillages each year and from time to time, will take on pupils wanting to undertake a ‘third-six’. Applications are sought from people who are persuasive communicators, intellectually able, hardworking and able to get on with clients, colleagues and judges.

Chambers offers its pupils a £45,000 award plus £5,000 guaranteed earnings and provides great training and excellent career prospects as Chambers aims to invite successful pupils, who have demonstrated their potential, to apply for tenancy.


We will take part in the Pupillage Gateway and details will be provided when the site goes live.


Pupils will be formally appraised by their pupil supervisor after each 3 month period. At intervals not exceeding 4 months the chair of the pupillage committee will review each pupil’s performance based on set criteria and in discussion with the pupil and the pupil supervisor. Pupils will undertake at least three in-house advocacy exercises which will be assessed.

Equality and Diversity

Chambers adheres to and supports the Equality and Diversity provisions of the Code of Conduct. Chambers has an Equality and Diversity Policy which will be provided to all pupils at the beginning of pupillage.

Chambers is prepared to make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils.

For more information about pupillages at Hailsham Chambers, please read  Chambers’ Pupillage Policy or contact either the secretary, or the heads of the Pupillage Committee.



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